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Empowering Women Worldwide

The Women Empowerment Project, (WEP) is a Non-Profit Public Charity Organization (501 c 3 status approved) that raises funds through charitable donations and grants. WEP enables women around the globe to fulfill their educational goals and professional growth through vocational educational centers, literacy programs, training and placement. The overall objectives and goals of WEP include helping to reduce the poverty level of women in developing countries; providing opportunities for professional development through education and training; providing opportunities for advancement and economic sustainability; and, providing enriched cultural experiences. Through the African implementation of the WEP we have successfully opened International Educational Centers for women in the hair care industry in West African countries. The project is multi-level, with the first level consisting of the women completing an eight month curriculum in braiding schools, established by the organization, in Africa. During that initial phase, students learn basic English, customer service skills based on United States standards, hygiene and sanitation. The curriculum also offers programs in business development as well as apprenticeship opportunities for students as trainees at member salons within the organization. After the successful completion of the program’s initial phase, the women are eligible for an advanced training program in the United States. Through the centers, women will also get help to obtain visas to enter the United States for additional training in colleges or cosmetology schools. The program emphasizes on the return of the students back to their home countries with their newly acquired skills assuring them a level of economic independence. Likewise, strategic agreements have been established with officials in the countries involved in the project to ensure successful placement opportunities upon the students return to their home countries. The Women Empowerment Project is just one of the first of many projects that the organization will undertake. WEP plans to also start up projects for those in need in local communities, as well as world wide.