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The Women Empowerment Project (WEP) is a Non-Profit Public Charity (501 C3) Organization created to nurture innovation in gender equity and inclusion through Vocational Training and Literacy Programs, Professional Training, Placement, Assistance to start own business, and targeted Technical Assistance and Advisory Services for aspiring and established Women Entrepreneurs in the United States including African-American, African Women and Diaspora communities. Our vision is to reach regions in the United States and developing countries that demonstrate a demand for women in the marketplace and fill that void with skilled, educated women who become self-sufficient and accomplished business owners who make valuable contributions by creating job opportunities in their regions or home countries. Through donor support and Corporate Sponsoring and contributions, we are able to provide targeted Technical Assistance and Advisory Services to Women Entrepreneurs along with necessary housing, pay tuition for the Vocational Training component, offer specialized training and other tools the women will need for success. Each woman who completes our program represents hope, change and a better future for generations to come. As a non-profit, our work is only possible through the generous donations of our constituency and supporters. We are immensely grateful to our sponsors and constituency for their continuous support and enthusiasm in preserving our mission and opening the doors to new and improved opportunities for Women in our global community.

Accomplishments of the WEP:

  1. 1.Established a Partnership with Spectrum Beauty Academy in Alexandria, Virginia as the Host Institution for the Cosmetology track of the Vocational Training Program

  2. 2.Successfully enrolled 2 candidates in the Vocational Training Program in 2014 scheduled to complete the program in 2016

  3. 3.Successfully trained 34 young women in West Africa (Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, and Senegal) in 2013 as part of the Vocational Training Program. Currently working to allow them to complete the U.S. portion of the training. Due to the high demand of Cosmetologists in developing nations, after the completion of the U.S. portion, the candidates return to their home countries where they are assisted by the WEP to start their businesses.

  4. 4.Successfully provided targeted Technical Assistance and Advisory Services to 500 Hair Braiding & Natural Hair Care Salon owners in the United States since 2013 resulting in substantial operational and revenue improvement for those women led businesses.

  5. 5.Recognized 11 Women Entrepreneurs in the United States during the 8th Annual SANATA Int’l Women Convention. The Women were selected through a nomination process conducted by their peers across the United States

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact The Women Empowerment Project directly at 240-547-0089 or at info@thewomenempowermentproject.net. Our operating hours are 9am – 5:30pm EST, Monday through Friday, and we will respond to requests as soon as possible within that timeframe.


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Your Donations will help to address the following:
Problem: Women comprise 70% of the world’s poorest people, according to a report from the United Nations. Despite the increase in women achieving academic degrees and contributing to the workforce in far higher numbers today than decades ago, women face multiple constraints to employment success and entrepreneurial opportunities ranging from limited networks with compatible businesses and CEOs to lack of access to capital to unfamiliarity in how to craft and implement a business plan. Solution: African American and Hispanic women are among the fastest growing entrepreneurial segments in the country, growing at rates of 133.3% and 191.4% respectively from 1997 to 2007, and are three to five times more likely to start a business than their white counterparts, according to a report by the Center for Women’s Business Research. Moreover, the U.S. has experienced 11% growth over the last 40 years as a direct result of the increased participation of women, which translates into $3.5 trillion, according to the World Economic Forum Gender Gap report.
  • •Key to closing the female entrepreneurship chasm and ending the cycle of poverty for thousands of women in under-served communities is equipping them with the necessary tools to overcome barriers. The WEP is investing in women with a comprehensive, integrative approach that ensures women complete the program then reinvest in their communities and inspire hope and change in future generations.
  • •The WEP will impact the lives of over 2,000 women in FY2015. WEP projects that student enrollment in the vocational training component to triple and the number of women impacted to reach 50,000 in FY2018. Targeted at historically under-served communities, the WEP will provide economic development and sustainability far beyond the participants in the program but for entire communities.
Request: The WEP seeks funding to provide its programs throughout 2015-2016. With $75,000, the WEP can train, educate and enhance outreach to more targeted populations of historically under-served women communities. With $90,000, the WEP can enroll 20 additional aspiring young women entrepreneurs into the vocational training program. With $70,000, the WEP can launch a road show to provide informational and outreach/training sessions for women entrepreneurs in the WEP constituency in selected cities from different states in the U.S. where there is the highest demand for this program The Women Empowerment Project 4322 Dunwood Terrace Burtonsville, MD 20866 Telephone: 240-547-0089 info@thewomenempowermentproject.net